Tuesday, July 02, 2013

today in wonderland

It's blessedly cooler today. Still Felix and I walked to the lake and jumped in. He'll swim farther and farther for the red ball.

Tonight my friends and I are going to watch the new Dexter (!!!!!!!!!!!!) I made a nectarine blueberry crumble for the occasion. I had to lick all the batter off my fingers, oh dang. Now I'm waiting for Deb to come home so we can go over there.

As much as I celebrate the demise of DOMA and the fall of Prop 8 in California, truly historic and all, I'm having problems with the marriage bit. Deb wants to be married. I experience my throat closing up at the mention of the wedded bliss. I've, ah, been married a few times and it didn't go so well. So this time I want to be sure I know what I'm doing. Sure, sure, it's comes from my family shite. I know that. But. It's a legal thang and Washington is a community property state and I have deep issues with survival, the specter of homelessness, etc. I don't have glowy romantic feelings about matrimony. Nope, not any more.

It's hard enough to get along with another person without bringing the law into it. I've gotten married to men because I was pressured into it. I married a woman because I wanted legitimacy. And now, hell, I don't wanna do something to please somebody else. Legal marriage is serious. There's money and property and children and dogs involved. Yuck. And taxes, don't forget about taxes.

Ok, this is boring. I applaud the gay. And I see divorce for the gay in the future. And all that business for the lawyers. Oh gawd, here I go again. I'll stop now.

In lighter news, we had a mess o babies recently and everyone is doing well. I saw two fat babies today in clinic but the best I've had recently was Eliza, the big sister, who is three. As I was leaving the house, she came over for a kiss so I picked her and and she said, "I love you" and she kissed me on the mouth. {{{{{}}}}}} with her little arms around my neck. Oh, it took me back to my own  babes.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh woman. I get you on the marriage thing. If I weren't already married, I don't know how quickly I'd want to jump into it. Divorce is horrible. Horrible. Even the best ones.
That little girl kissing you on the lips. I have that image in my head now. I love you and her both.

Radish King said...

Me too. The idea of marriage suffocates me and always has and obviously I've never done it right. And yes and yes and yes. I'll be in the lake tonight as I was last night and Thursday night and Friday night throughout the summer in my aquamarine blue swimsuit as it should be. I love you.

ps. I find myself thinking over and over that I wish you could have been there when I delivered my babe. Of course you weren't born yet but still I think of it especially when I watch reruns of CTMW which is now on on Friday nights or Saturday nights.

beth coyote said...

Dear Mary-And I love you right back.

Dear Rebecca-what a riot we would have had, you in labor and me cracking jokes. Actually I would have been appropriate and serious and kindly. And then there would have been beautiful Page.