Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday festivities

Today therapy and then o anxiety a mammogram. My dear A has decided on chemo AND radiation. She asked if I could watch her midwifery practice when she's unable. Of course I will. And I can stay with her on the weekends.

Mammos always a worry. What if they find something. What will I do. These mortal bodies.

Off I go. Get the car washed. Camp with my beloved family and friends next week in the Dalles in Oregon. Without the dog. Without being on call. Just swimming and sitting around the campfire with people I love eating some-mores (so gross) and watching the children play. Time to read and lie about and be the grandma. And no worries.



Ms. Moon said...

I am so overdue on my mammogram because I can't take the anxiety. After I hit a certain age there was ALWAYS a callback. Senior tissue, whatthefuckever. Bite me. Figure this shit out, people. I hate it.
So yeah, I understand.
Now go relax. Let the universe unfold as it will. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) No. Seriously.

beth coyote said...

Right? Bite me! I nursed some babies so I should get a free pass.


Mel said...

I go deep inside myself when it's mammogram time. I do it faithfully, but reluctantly, and I try not to think at all while I'm there. I've been through the gamut of callbacks, compressions, ultrasounds, I've got the crappy tissue too. But while I'm there I go numb, and shut down a little until I know it's ok to breathe again. So far, it's always been ok to breathe.