Friday, May 24, 2013

The dog keeps coming in and shoving his head under my arm so I'll go outside and throw a damn ball for him so he can run off his excess energy which is all he has. I'm still tired from the last birth. I saw the babe and her parents today. They're fine and good and he's sure pretty in his newborn way. I was going to see Kon Tiki, a book I loved in the 7th grade now a movie but I'm too tired and it's sunny and I can't go inside a dark movie room when the sun shines. It seems wrong.

I'm so tired I could lay me down on the couch while children shriek outside and the dog barks at every person who walks by. As if he has to protect me from mothers walking with their children and boys on bicycles. Now he'e getting dog juice on the windows.

Ok, I'm off to the dog park with him and then to the store for cashews and a different kind of deodorant that doesn't make my armpits hurt.

My friend has her surgery for breast cancer on Tuesday and I'm worried about RK and her impending joblessness and my sister just got fired (again). I would build a motel in my yard for her and RK and any other person who I love and needs a home, a safe and quiet place where they could put their feet up and build a fire in the grate and drink tea from the saucer. With katz draped on their hands.

Meanwhile, Barack is appointing some gazillionaire to be on his cabinet (in finance!) who 'forgot' about 38 personal million from last year. Geez, I forget about that kind of $$ all the time. Then I find it in the bottom of the washer.

I'm just angry and sad at all of it.

Felix is insisting. Then maybe I can nap.

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Marylinn Kelly said...

(a) Dog juice. (b) Your much-needed and let us all wish very hard for it motel, haven, place of respite from too much of someone else's reality. You have the best heart. xo