Saturday, May 25, 2013

I slept for 12 hours. I was exhausted. Now el Felix and I will head over to Discovery Park, a former Military base on Puget Sound that is now a massive park to romp. I'd like to find the police horses that stable there. They are the most beautiful and cared for horses, glossy and sleek.

There is a serious remodel across the street from me. And this morning they are wielding a staple gun to  Megadeath and singing along. This is not quiet. Oh, good, now the sounds of a power saw. The house is ugly but now I suppose it has new doors and windows and a roof so someone will want to buy it and the owner will reap some financial rewards. As housing prices climb. As the engines of commerce grind on.

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Ms. Moon said...

And grind they do. But why are they always so noisy in their grinding? I hope you found the horses.