Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ok people. Downton Abbey, piffle. Parade's End with Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch is way better. And he's my people, he belongs to me. The quivery lips, the odd face, the ridiculous English propriety while having affairs and drinking proper tea with servants standing by. I might have to watch the whole series over again. I think I have to take a few more middle names, however. Beth Eloise Beatrice Coyote, Esq.  Beastly and brilliant. Tom Stoppard wrote the screenplay. Do watch, it's awfully grand.

Deb left for Hawaii with her son today for a holiday. I plan to have wild parties involving illicit drugs and sex and loud music. In reality, I'll be walking the dog, caring for the chickens and cats and being on call. I was meant to be a farmwife. Except for killing chickens. Couldn't. 


Ms. Moon said...

Ooh, I am SO wild when Mr. Moon leaves me here alone. It's a party every night.
I couldn't kill a chicken either. Well, maybe if my kids were starving. But I've cooked a rooster that Mr. Moon killed and I was happy to do so. That damn rooster was mean and I didn't want him around my grandkids. He tasted fine with dumplings.

Mel said...

Are you kidding me? There is a show better than Downtown Abbey? Now I must watch it.

That chicken face - who could kill that? I was just listening to a Barbara Kingsolver interview about her book on a year of living close to the food, and how hard it was to kill their turkeys, or was it chickens? and her daughter made the rule, only the mean ones. Made me think of Mary's mean old rooster, legs sticking out of the pot.
I just finished reading Prodigal Summer and oh, my I am mourning the end of that book. It was the perfect book for me right now.

I'm wild and crazy left alone too, I just drink an extra cocktail and stay up too late reading or spinning channels. Maybe I'll take a lesson from you and try dancing.
Hope you enjoy the quiet.

Sabine said...

Totally agree. And once you've had your fill of that one, proceed to the Cazalet Chronicles in four volumes (i.e. books) by Elizabeth Jane Howard (the one who inspired Martin Amis to become a writer) also a 6 part BBC series from some time around 2001 starring a very young and slightly chubby Earl Grantham, aka Hugh Bonneville. Absolutely wizard, old girl!

beth coyote said...

Dear Mary-Mean roosters deserve the pot. And dumplings.

Mel-Yes, you must. And dancing is good for whatever ails you.

Sabine-I ordered Cazalets, all of it. And the books too. Oh goody.

Mel said...

I just watched 5 hours of Parade's End in less than a day and I loved it so much! I also love Benedict Timothy Carton Cumberbatch and his name. Doesn't he have the cutest Dennis Quaid mouth and the deepest Bass voice? Thank you for the recommendation and now I'm in withdrawal.