Friday, May 03, 2013

I went and saw magic Sam yesterday for a massage. I had a large boulder in my back where I was stabbed by anxiety and sorrow. Sam is a massage therapist but he's also a shaman too. Before you start making 'piffle' noises, let me tell you.

He prayed over me. He told me to bring colors in, emerald green and beautiful blue and lavender. He rubbed and then made growling hissing noises and he snapped his fingers and muttered and shock a rattle. I felt like a bear was biting me and a snake was slithering up and down my spine. At the end he asked if he could release my heart and he went in with his fist and pow, growl hiss, my heart opened. My back released and black gunk poured out of my spine.

Sam is my friend from dancing. He is one of the most joyful people I know. When I asked about his wedding ring, he said, 'Yes, I have a husband.' When he laughs, he throws his head back and opens his mouth wide wide wide (and not a single filling). His eyes disappear when he laughs.

I asked him if he loves me and he jumped up, hugged me and yelled, 'Of course!!!'

At the end I couldn't move and I said I should go home and soak but he said I should go to dance class so I did and my friends were there and Sam too and it was fine, it was pure. My back has a ghost in it but bears love blueberries so I had some for dinner.

A is ok for now. We talked a bit. She has her man and he adores her. Meanwhile the wild creatures are caring for us wherever we are.


Sabine said...

Oh! I want Sam to come over here, please.

Ms. Moon said...

I dreamed this morning that one of my vertebra was sticking straight out of my neck. I think I probably could use a massage and if Sam were around, I would want him to release my heart too.
Why did this make me want to cry, Beth? I am so glad you have a Sam and that he loves you and that you can take your body to him and that he can shaman it up for you. I am.

Radish King said...

oh this made me cry love you

beth coyote said...

Sabine-Everyone needs a Sam

Mary darling-I'm one hell of a lucky woman.

Dearest RK-and I love you too.

Marylinn Kelly said...

What we think we know - not all the time, but sometimes - is tiny toenail clippings compared to the vastness of how it really is, with your Sam as one of its dancing, sparking gatekeepers. How happy I am to know you have his wisdom and skill to add to your own, his healing ways. I was already weepy when I sat down here but now the reason is more from gladness. Picking the day's prettiest radishes here in reliable places. If it is okay, I would like to hold love for your A., her husband, you and all of us, what a kettle of fish. Dance on, Mr. Coyote. xo