Saturday, May 18, 2013

I transcribed another interview for my book. My ears hurt from the ear buds. It takes me forever to do transcription. They would not hire me in that department. I can type with numerous mistakes. I've been a virtuous woman today. I watered the chickens, fed the garden, bathed the cats and brushed the dog. There are far too many animals around here.

A sparrow couple is raising a family in a chink in the house next door. I can see them out my kitchen window. The crows sit on the wires and watch. They are such devils but they and their offspring need to eat too. I once watched a crow carry off a baby robin while the adults shrieked and flew frantically around.

I've been waiting for a mom to call back. She woke me this morning to tell me about her show and contractions. I suggested that she take a bath and have some benedryl for sleep. Now it's almost 6PM and nothing's shaking.

She may go for two more weeks. Much to her dismay. OR I may go off tonight sometime. It's been a few weeks since I've been to a birth so that would be fine.

My friend A is having her surgery on May 28th. I'm gonna be their companion with witticisms. And food. And whatever else they might need.

Of to walk the dog before night falls.

BTW-saw the new Star Trek movie last night. BECAUSE. Benedict Cumberbach was in it. And he was the bad guy. The movie was about a lot of warp speed and things blowing up and some pretty tame dialog and a durnb good Spock but as a non-Trekkie, kinda boring. I will see any movie with Benedick in it. I'm shameless about him. He really looked smashing in his 'futuristic' outfits.


Ms. Moon said...

I'm too tired to think but I don't have to think to tell you I love you, Ms. Coyote.
So there. That.
I do.

Sabine said...

Bathed the cats??? That would be death by claws in my house, with me dead that is. Brave Beth!

I watched (and dreamed of) the Life of Pi last night. No Benedict but one wild Bengal tiger.