Friday, August 03, 2012

Lucy and Fiona:

And I found two sweet brown eggs in their box. Although they sit on each other in there. I'm not such what chickens think, or if they think. We might get four more pullets and we have to figure out how to 'introduce' them. Name tags? A motivational speaker?

I know there will be chicken wars but eventually Lucy will be crowned Queen Chicken and all will be well.


Been listening to the Blue Angels this afternoon thundering over our roof. The katz have disappeared and Felix looks at the sky and barks. BARK BARK BARK!!!

Time for a dog walk and a dip in the lake. I'm not drinking alcohol now (sob!) because my naturopath told me not to. I don't drink much but on a day like this, a bloody mary or a margarita would sure taste good. And restorative. Maybe I'll take myself out to the local veggie restaurant and pretend my virgin Mary has alcohol in it. That's so sad.


Ms. Moon said...

Ah. I have been working on not-drinking during the week and trying to find a balance and so far, it is fine and lovely. Easier than I thought it would be.
Do we spend our entire lives seeking balance? Is that it?
I have no idea.
I think new chickens would adapt. In my experience, they do.

Radish King said...

I was just thinking that a margarita one of those embarrassing bath tub-sized ones meant for 12 people would be perfect for today.

beth coyote said...

Ms Moon-chickens are, well, odd. Dogs I get. Katz rule the universe. But chickens? WTF? Love those tasty eggs and pretty feathers.

Dear RK-Yes, and I'd drink the whole thing. No share.