Monday, August 13, 2012

Because I am UNPATRIOTIC, I didn't watch a lick of the Olympics except while waiting for the guys at Firestone to fix my broken tail light, I got up to speed (haha) by watching the double amputee guy on his bouncy legs. I love him. And his bouncy legs.

And BTW. While driving on I-5, which is a big 4 lane, some lady asked me to pull over (wha????) while we sat in terrible slow traffic. I politely declined but she caught up to me again and yelled through the passenger side window that my tail light was out AND her daughter was delivered by Ina May.

Let me explain. My bumper sticker says 'What Would Ina May Do?' Ina May is a big famous midwife who lives on The Farm in Tennessee. She's an author and a world traveler. There is an obstetric procedure named after her, the Gaskin Maneuver. Anyway, sheesh lady. No, I can't pull over on the freeway. And I'm glad your daughter was delivered by Ina May.


Ms. Moon said...

I don't think Ina May would have asked you to pull over in traffic.

beth coyote said...

No, she's a sensible woman.