Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I was gonna take myself to the mountains, a new trail by Bellingham where there is a fire tower and you can see for days. But. Someone is in labor and I'm going as the second midwife. So. I get to stay around here with de dawg until I get a call.

Felix got a hair cut on Sunday so for a few minutes he looked like a proper poodle. But then Deb took him for a swim so he's back to his usual shaggy self, just shorter hair. During Seafair, the water was so riled up, his hair was green when he came out of the water. Now it's crystal clear again, even for the weeds. Maybe I could sneak off to the lake for a quick dip before I'm needed at the birth. Maybe not.

The chickens are making their noises outside. It's going to be another hot day. The tomatoes are ripening and I just planted more beets and chard. The lettuce is bolted so the chickens get that. I water and water and my water bill is going to be huge. Sigh. We aren't having any rain, not a drop. Unusual for us here in the rainforest. I can't complain compared to the Midwest. Deb is going to Vegas for her brother's birthday and it's 100 there. Ug.

Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand? Hmmm. I feel for Paul's wife. Their kids are 7, 8 and 9. Way to crank them out and how exhausting for the momma. Maybe they have servants who care for the children and they come into the dining room at night so Paul and his wife can ask after their health before they go back to the children's wing for the night. All she had to do was birth 'em. And no more children? Are they using BIRTH CONTROL? I certainly hope so.

I'd much rather speculate about Gore Vidal, that fabulous man. Why couldn't we have someone like him for prez? Rest in peace, dear Gore.

By the way. Chickens can be really loud.

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Ms. Moon said...

Chickens sure CAN be really loud. When they're excited about something either good or threatening, they tell the world about it! But I love their little bawks and murmurs, too.
NO! Beth! Good Catholics don't use birth control! Right? Right?
I hope the baby comes quick and easy and good and maybe even before bedtime. That is my wish for you today.