Sunday, April 04, 2010

What is with the earthquakes? I can't keep track of them. And I can't be everywhere at once. I'm still going to Haiti in about a month.

I am thinking about buying a different car, no not a new car, are you kidding. I've owned one new car in my life and it was actually bought by my partner at the time. I wasn't responsible. For me a new car has less than 80,ooo miles, hasn't been in an accident lately and has four tires, all inflated. My current car is, how can I say this, dumb. It's a two seater, there's no trunk and it's so low to the ground, other cars can't see it so I wobble down the freeway out of the way of taller (bigger, scarier) cars.

Here's the problem, besides how I'm going to pay for it (I'm sure something will occur to me). The Bargaining Thing. Oh, and being a female girl sort of person, easily intimidated by evil car salesmen. I know exactly what I want and how much $$ I wanna pay. I'm just afraid I'll be talked into buying a green sedan with a missing bumper and fuzzy dice. Maybe I'll bring Lupine, my scratchy attack cat and level the playing field. While they're bandaging their slash wounds, I'll negotiate a great price and make a break for it.