Saturday, April 03, 2010

So there's this wee spot on my face I've been calling a 'tree ring' and I finally had it evaluated today and the perky young doctor said "hmmm" when she looked at it which is never a good sign in my experience so now I have a large-ish bandaid on my face because she took a biopsy of it which included injecting my face with novocaine (something I've never considered doing even when I was interested in ingesting various drugs) and taking samples which sounds like taking samples of the ground water to check for radon or some other toxin. She told me it's probably not melanoma but if it is, they'll just cut it off and I'll have a 'barely noticeable scar'.

Cool. I've always wanted to tell people I'd been mauled by a bear.

I bet there is a saint for facial scars or surgery. I'm gonna look it up.


Radish King said...

My dermatologist froze something similar off my hand. The scar is no where as big as the other scars all over and inside me. She called it a barnacle. She said if you live in Seattle eventually they will grow on you.


beth coyote said...

A barnacle-thats what it is. I'm gonna go stand in the tide line and look wharf-ish.

Apple said...

It's coming up on the year anniversary of my face hacking. I'll never forget the smell of burning flesh and perfume from the nurse bending over me. Phew.

beth coyote said...

Oh, I love that smell, yum. Thanks, hon.