Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm definitely sick, with an impressive cough. There were those on the month-long retreat who would have to leave the hall (very quiet) to hack up a lung in the foyer. Is that a word, foyer? Do you sometimes write a word and you're sure You've misspelled it because it looks wrong and then you realize you can't use the word because you don't know how to spell so you look for another word that means the same thing (approximately). This is a technique for writing poetry. It's called the 'Miss Anderson School for the Spelling Challenged" technique.

Or perhaps it's early dementia. At least I can spell that.

My daughter has already scoped out a 'retirement community' near her house. Gawd. Just because I occasionally fall down while wearing Dansko's (and see, I had to take my shoe off to see how to spell Dansko). Everyone falls down wearing Dansko's. Now I'm wondering about the apostrophe. Should it be there or not?

I have a fever. I know this because the cats are sitting on me. Clearly I am the warmest thing in the house.

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