Friday, November 06, 2009

I woke up last night because hail was blamming the skylight over my bed and it was effing loud. Then lightening and thunder. I wondered if the skylight would 'fail' and I'd drown in falling glass, plaster and rain.

Today, Hugo and Lola went to the vet. They were not pleased. They both peed themselves. So my car smelled lovely. Then they moped around in the clinic room with wet tails and feet. They made sad kitty meowing sounds, sorta like, "help, I'm being tortured over here, please rescue me from the evil person I live with. She didn't even let me eat this morning, hhhheeeeeellllpppp, meeeeoowwwww." I visited the calico who is eating and drinking and recovering.

Hugo, who has been on a diet, has gained 2 pounds. He now weighs 17+ pounds. Great. Now he's on another diet. They all are. No wonder I can't move my feet when he lies on them when I'm in bed.

I could have exercise-induced asthma (or a heart condition). I choose exercise-induced asthma. My naturopath bounced around the room, as she usually does but after hearing about my family history, she got all serious. We skated over the mental illness parts of my family. It is November and the 2nd anniversary of Geoff's suicide coincides with Thanksgiving. Pisses me off. Thanks a lot, Geoff.

If you live in the Northwest, take a lot of vitamin D. It cures everything.


Valerie Loveland said...

A cat I used to have used to pee himself every vet visit too. I would have to wrap up the car seats in garbage bags to bring him. (I typoed garbage bags as "carbage" bags. Did I just come up with a new invention I should pantent?)

My family's genetic history awful. My mom has had a pacemaker since she was 45, and also has a rare endocrine gland disorder and has had melanoma! (She is somehow fine, and has a normal life. I am fine too.)

I want to get genetic testing done, but when I asked a question about it to my insurance company, alarms blared and the insurance person I was talking to asked urgently: "Why do you need to go to a genetic counselor?!" I changed the subject.

beth coyote said...

I know, hush-hush about any 'issues' with the fam. The health care industry is the evil empire.

Lola has finally come out from under the bed after her ordeal. Now they're all upset because they're on a diet.

beth coyote said...

And carbage bags-look into it. You might get rich.