Sunday, November 29, 2009

The grapes are all gone from the vines, the raccoons have ceased eating my hot tub cover for now and the calico is again upstairs with me. Now she's in my office with cat food, litter box, etc. Makes the room smell yummy.

I have an iphone with a purple/pink cover. It's ridiculously easy to use. Plus I can have a ringtone of crickets. Or ducks. Or a motorcycle. I have a harp. Brinnng, brinng, brinng.

I'll pretend I'm a fairy princess and that's how I get waked up, with a harpist in the room doing scales.

Me-fairy princess with tiara and a cat sleeping on my head.
Our last baby weighed 10# 6 oz. Sheesh. Aren't women AMAZING?


hillaryroland said...

An iphone? Traitor.

Hillary said...

An iphone? Traitor.

beth coyote said...

Nu-uh. You're just jealous!

Laura Gamache said...

that 10 + lb baby had no shoulders though, right?!!!?

iPhones are boss. Have you bumped?

there's an app for timing contractions.

beth coyote said...

15 inch shoulders, ouch!!