Monday, November 02, 2009

Alright, so I was leaving school and a scrawny calico was staggering by, doing the sad kitty meow. I mean scrawny, all bones. Green eyes. No collar. Some folks across the hall were trying to figure out what to do so I joined in.

She's upstairs in my studio, the only room with a door. She has water, fancy wet food, dry food and a fluffy bed with a heating pad under it on low. And a brand new litter box. I sat with her mournful self and she has been declawed. ARRRRRRGGGGG. I shouldn't jump to conclusions. Maybe she got away from her person who is frantically looking for her. And her person keeps her indoors. And her person adopted her after some ninny declawed her.

Anyway, she's terribly skinny and I'm at a loss now. I can't have another cat. I can't. I'll let her wait a bit and recover on her heated bed. Then I'll find a no-kill shelter to take her to.

The other cats are all looking at me. As if they didn't end up with me for the same reason. They're all fat and glossy. And frisky. And they get catnip. And they sleep on my bed. What's their problem???


Valerie Loveland said...

Fat and glossy is the gold standard for cats.

Apple said...

I wish I could take the pipe cleaner kitty, but I live in my mom's attic and yoga isn't even giving me a clear head. Miss you, Beth!

beth coyote said...

April my darling! I keep checking your blog for any word. Your mom's attic, huh? I actually have a guest room so if the attic starts to wear on you, you can come to Seattle for some vitamin D deficiency.

beth coyote said...

And Valerie. I give them lo-cal cat food. How do they do it???