Sunday, September 06, 2009

Up all night and home by 4 this afternoon with a mom in labor. It began to rain and I could hear the city swallowing in big gulps. Sometimes it was a downpour and sometimes it was light and sometimes it stopped. I went out without a raincoat just to feel it, blessed rain. The baby brought the rain and they named her Esme. 

When I got home, I visited my garden. The chard and tomatoes had a bright look, saturated color rain look. As much as I complain when it rains for months, I know without it we all perish. Thank you Esme, for being born today.

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nnygrl said...

The county DOT is next to my apartment. The guys come to start the trucks, drink coffee and swear around 6AM. I (nicely) told them that they serve as my alarm clock. But I want a 'good morning, Anne'. Now, I have a few guys Holler a "good morning, Anne". Positively a serenade. A