Tuesday, September 08, 2009

folding star



swill through murrhine landscapes

activate a relentless mourn

we asked at the counter for the firefight edition

they were secretive about their plateau


levees released their little tongues


it was lambing season

we gathered all remaining wit

shears rock salt nitrazine thimbles

let rise three times before embarking


hemlock freed us


it says here in the directions

part the sky (part the sea)

one for you and the rest for me

we canvassed hollow wards for heretics


walk in the road at night


slide along the boardwalk

fish wither in the sod

nature gutters a split gauntlet

warble against a feverish brine


just under the skin is the loose wire


adjust your capsule before the prayer dinner

a drowned generation will pierce

all bodies flourish in the lake

we rescued the dogs


Valerie Loveland said...

I like your poem! folding star is an intriguing title.

beth coyote said...

Thanks, VL. :-)