Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Miraculous. I haven't been to a birth in over a week. I sleep all night. Well, I sleep until about 2 0r 3, then wake for a while and stare as the ceiling. At some point, I notice that 3 cats have pinned me to the bed by lying on various parts of my body so movement is difficult. 

Fall is swift. Gather all the grapes/tomatoes/squash before the frost. I have one sugar pumpkin and one acorn squash. The delicatas didn't make it. They are the sweetest squash, even better than buttercup. 

My writing group is gearing up for the reading this Friday. Emails are flying. Bring 2 bottles of wine and some snacks. Bring friends. Bring yourself. Remember to get dressed. Read for 5 minutes (once, twice?) Prevail upon your friends to attend. Implore them to behave, no snickering or belching. 

I'm planning to wear my red shoes. They're dazzling.  


Valerie Loveland said...

My sister is having her baby tomorrow. She was due last week.

I have a longstanding daydream that I live with enough cats that they cover the whole bed like a blanket.

Good luck with the reading. Have you decided what you are going to read yet?

beth coyote said...

Mazeltov to your sister and her babe.

A cat blanket, a toasty 85 degrees!

I'm planning to read incomprehensible bitch poems. I'm in a bad mood about poetry these days. Can you tell?