Thursday, October 03, 2013

The sick chicken is 'broody', ie, she's sitting on an imaginary nest with imaginary eggs under her. Apparently chickens don't eat or drink while they're broody so she's been drinking and eating like mad. Today I gave her cottage cheese which she lapped (beaked?) up with alacrity.

We're to keep her warm and sequestered so she's in a dog crate in the office with a space heater aimed at her. Gawd, it stinks in there. I need to keep her isolated for a week then put her back. To break the broody cycle. Lucy is all alone but seems fine with it. She's a lusty chicken, even if she's a bully.

Chickens are dumb but the Republicans are dumber. Regardless that I cannot figure out the new insurance choices (and the State WEB site is no help), holding us all hostage because the flat earthers own the senate is evil and horrid. And stupid.

In other news: I thought we'd have a baby this morning but nope, false alarm. We are in a bit of a pile-up and there may be an avalanche. Of babies.


Birdie said...

Sound like a rather nice life for a chicken. It sounds like a spa for chickens. Getting away from it all and being pampered. I wonder if she misses the sisters and her husband? Glad to hear she is feeling better!

Ms. Moon said...

Oh god. We go through this with our hens. And I am at my wit's end with them right now- no eggs in weeks. Not one. Not. One. Egg.
Yes. Chickens love cottage cheese. Who knew?
Hang in there, darling. The earth will probably continue to turn. (I keep telling myself this anyway.)