Thursday, October 31, 2013

A new furnace is a beautiful thing.

Today I saw an octopus on a bicycle, her purple arms flapping away. This evening I hosted several super heroes; Spiderman, Batman, Superman and the Hulk. There were many ballerinas, princesses, one queen and a mixture of gypsy/flash dancer/glitter girls with spider webs drawn on their faces. There were a few ghosts and a burlap bag head/face. They cleaned me out. When you're cleaned out of candy, you blow out the candle in the pumpkin, turn off the lights and hide.

The wee babies are the best. One dad was wearing an elephant on his shoulders, a little guy.

Now their parents will be dealing with sugar highs and terrible attention at school.

These days are so heartbreaking in their beauty. Leaves everywhere. Japanese maples and sugar maples and big leaf maples.

Dancing the next three days.


Ms. Moon said...

I should have given my four little trick-or-treaters the entire bag of candy but I did not know for sure that they would be the only ones.
Oh well. I wonder if chickens like Snickers bars? Probably.
I'm SO glad you got your furnace. Ours is working fine now but it got warm again. Of course.
Dance and dance, sweet lady. I will be thinking of you.

beth coyote said...

Dear Ms Moon-

I do love you.

Radish King said...

Yes oh yes. 60 plus kids to my little house hidden behind the huge tree. First time in 20 years this has happened. I think the recession has hit us all so hard that we need a reason for escapism. And what better reason? Now my doors are open so my dead can come in and walk around. Bless them and you. Glad you're warm.

Betsy said...

I'm glad for the octupii.