Saturday, October 05, 2013

For the latest in chicken news-Fiona is eating and drinking but walking like a drunken sailor. I tried putting her in the coop with Lucy as it is a gorgeous day but Lucy came over and pecked at her-AND WE CAN'T HAVE THAT so back she came, into the dog crate in the house. I must say, chickens stink.

I checked her for mites (nope) probably not broody so now to try antibiotics. Sigh.

I'm on call, the new swimming pool is open

and I'm afraid I have to go to the 'grange' for chicken medicine. I'm feeling resentful. Is that wrong? Isn't the new swimming pool beautiful? OMG. I want to go there right now. They even have a women only swim on Sundays. No guys splashing and showing off (sorry, guys, but you know it's true). The pool looks like the fantastical pool in Nanaimo, BC that was so grand and fancy I almost fainted from pleasure. A public pool. I guess when you give health insurance to everyone, it's cheaper and the provinces can spend money on other things like recreation centers for all. Gawd, those Canadians.

I'd really like just one woman to have a baby and get the ball rolling. I fear a pile-up. At least one baby could come today while the weather is so delicious.

My dog is weary of waiting for me to take him out. I'm getting there. I am.


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beth coyote said...

Rainier Beach Pool-just reopened, entirely rebuilt and totally fabulous!!!!

Radish King said...

holy cow it's gorgeous can't wait to try it.