Sunday, October 20, 2013

I slipped and fell down my stairs this morning before I went on a hike in the Cascades. My socks were really slippery. I landed on my butt so now my butt is killing me. No, I'm not kidding. My butt is killing me. And I went hiking with Holly anyway. We crested a hill and burst through the cold fog into a beautiful crisp day. Sparkling Green Lakes, one after the other, connected by creeks. Wee waterfalls, log bridges, Boy Scouts with backpacks coming back from sleepovers in the cold night.

I went down the stairs, bump, bump, bump. Ow, ow, ow.

We got lost. Well, we found the trail and the road was closed. Hahahahahahahaha! This happens with us. So as an alternative, we chose a random trailhead. And it was glorious. Every time the dog crossed a log bridge, he leapt around like he'd just scaled Everest. And he barked at the usual tree stumps, patches of light and other dogs. What a guard dog.

Tomorrow, our remaining chicken, Lucy, goes to live with other chickens. It was that or us getting a new flock, introducing them, keeping them from killing each other and burying the dead. I'm too much of a soft touch. I will miss Lucy running to the gate in the morning, looking for lettuce and mealybugs. And her daily egg.


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Ms. Moon said...

Did you break your tail bone? I hope not.
Glad you got out into nature. And I'm glad that your hen will find a flock to be part of.
Oh honey. Life is full of unexpected bumps, isn't it? Take care of yourself.