Sunday, June 16, 2013

The end of the weekend. Another wee babe in the world, just a half a block away. I walked to their home visit this morning. Her name is Una and her parents are in love with her.

My student called after the birth to say that their birth was a 'fairy tale'. They walked into the birth center holding a rose.  The momma was surrendered and floaty, so beautiful.  And she stayed that way, more and more as she got closer to pushing. They had halos around them.

They did. And I got to see their halos.

Then the momma was standing in the big tub washing off after the birth and we were helping her.The dad was holding his new daughter in his arms and she was reaching out her hands to him. The momma saw this, we all saw this and the momma'a eyes filled with tears as she looked at her man and her baby.

It felt like we shouldn't be there because it was so intimate and loving and for them forever. But we were and we cried a little too.

I'm sure today that the work I do is holy. As hard as it is. As tired as I get. As crazy as it makes me. It's holy and I'm a lucky woman on this earth.


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and Yes. xo

Jo said...

Beautiful. We're fighting for the right to this in Ireland at the moment, and so few people understand the value of just this. It's so sad.