Saturday, June 08, 2013

I thought I would spend the day on the grass in the yard as you see above.

The dog is being very patient. He expects a marathon walk and it is coming. I just need to read a bit more. I just downloaded

a most remarkable book about parents and children who are 'different'; queer, autistic, dwarves, disabled, etc. Beautiful writing. 


Ms. Moon said...

I gotta read that book. Those pants on that woman- well, they are just divine. If only she'd shed the bra and let the pants do all the talking. And the breasts.
Why am I obsessed with breasts? Because I'm smart.
Love you, Beth. Love you so.

beth coyote said...

Love you right back.


Young at Heart said...


Marylinn Kelly said...

Maidenform and Calgon, unkept promises of deliverance. What constitutes escape - as opposed to being present - is not always clear. Some days it all feels like escape, in sleep, in fiction (read or viewed), in writing, in staring at the sky. xo