Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I've been remiss.
Today I walked 7 miles with the dog, I cleaned the house, I watered the garden (and ate a few strawberries), I washed the dog, I bought a new GPS to replace the one that was stolen, I talked to a few mommas with problems and one who might be in labor, I dropped off some recycling, and I went to Costco.

Costco is another planet where giant bundles of toilet paper live, giant safflower oil jugs, monstrous numbers of pens and paper, massive pieces of fish and cheese and wine in boxes. Now they're selling hard liquor and I stood before the vodka and whiskey and gin with my mouth open. I don't buy the hard stuff. Except for Scotch. I have a bulging cabinet of alcohol. I could make my way through it and become exceedingly drunk. I'd probably have to lie on the floor for a while.

Next week I'm going on a dance retreat on Whidbey Island. For four days. Did I say I cleaned the house. Well, I did.

I feel virtuous. In my clean house. With my clean dog. He had a bath too. Now I'm watching a Benedick Cumberbach movie that's pretty terrible. Even for him, I might have to turn it off.


Ms. Moon said...

My goodness, woman! Your moon is in accomplishment!

Radish King said...

that looks just like me in that photo up there. that's my new 'style.'

Mel said...

Hooray for you, clean house and fun plans. I hope you dance with abandon and joy.

Was the awful movie the one on the ship? Dreadful. I netflixed it and fast forwarded through half. Not much plot to speak of and dreary I thought. Just saw Star Trek and he was wonderful in the role, though I thought the movie could have been so much richer - too rushed. Sigh. I'll have to rewatch some Sherlock to get me through this slump.

Those photos - ethereal. The descriptions of halos at the births, those holy moments, I can't imagine how awesome it must be to witness that.

Costco freaks me out too, but I keep going back, like a moth to a flame.