Thursday, June 06, 2013

split the branch here
leave a purple mark for the razor to find
those subdivisions
cell membrane furls   unfurls

 a white island in a rainy galaxy
we knew it would be bigger
once we opened you up

sentinels slide
flocculent nodes slumber
removal is why we're here today

witness your modern sickness


Ms. Moon said...

Oh fuck. I'm so sorry.

Mel said...

Oh no. So sorry too, for what it's worth. Thinking of you too.

Ellena said...

Bon courage to you all.

Radish King said...


I still remember vividly the first poem you brought to my house.


beth coyote said...

Perhaps I should say...this was for Audrey. And she's fine, no positive nodes, clean surgery, thank the goddess.

Ms. Moon said...

Good, good, good, GOOD!
Bless and bless again and again.