Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We have found a new receptionist, hooray hoorah. I can go back to being anxious about other things. It's refreshing to have something actual to worry about. So now it's back to global warming and the polar bears (sob!), homeless dogs, homeless one-legged men at the Safeway (where is he lately?) and the demise of vinyl records, in any kind of order.

I pulled the rest of the carrots and beets that wintered over. The carrots are so sweet, round around themselves as they are. I have brussel sprouts out there too and I'm loathe to pull them. I do love sprouts with olive oil, garlic and coarse salt.

The dirt is rich and loamy. Black. The beets are long and pointy, shaped like carrots.

The hens gave us two eggs. I wonder when they molt?

Dab and I are going to our girl restaurant tonight. Owned by two women, partners. And the cook finally quit her day job. I'm so pleased for her. It was worrisome to see her slaving away on 5 hours of sleep. I guess the restaurant is doing well enough. We've been there a few times and waited for a table.

I saw sprigs of leaves today on my walk. There are bushes in the woods, don't know what they are, but they get green sprigs and then I know we've made it through another winter. Tulips are greening up and the stupid grape hyacinths, they are faithful even when I pull them out every year.

Sun. We have some today.

While I walked, I wondered if a meteor would splash down in Lake Washington. See, anxiety arrives and makes these visions.

My office just let me know a mom is pregnant again. She's lost all her babies to the system. She's not fit even though she tries. We'll shepherd her through this pregnancy and the adoption agency person will come and take the baby. I wish we had a place where she could live and parent her child with supervision so she could stop having pregnancy after pregnancy. Midwives witness so much.

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