Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's all my dears.


Ms. Moon said...

Let's get matching tattoos.
Oh. Probably not.
But maybe?

Radish King said...

Beauty. I have a large Sufi heart on my back.

beth coyote said...

Let's, Mary. What shall we do? I have a heart, a Navaho beaded bracelet, a hand with a trillium and a large Quan Yin on my left hip (LARGE). Plenty of skin left.

Just say no to facial or neck tattoos. We don't want to look like gangsters.

Dear RK-I hope you are enjoying V Day in front of the fireplace with a bit of chocolate. XX

Young at Heart said...

I have toyed with having a traditional arrow through the heart and banner on my upper arm...... leaving the banner empty to write in who ever is one's current beau.....!!