Saturday, February 09, 2013

I used to live in the Northeast, where the blizzard is, with sub zero degree temps and let me tell you, a bit o' rain out here in Seattle is bearable. Bearable.

The roses are blooming in my yard, the yellow ones.

Felix is a mess but we're gonna fix that on Monday. He'll come back all shiny and white from the groomers and look great for about 24  hours. Then he'll be back to his dirty curly self. Such is the way with poodles. The ones you see with their poufy hair, they don't get out much. They don't play with Miles the labradoodle all day doing their bitey-bitey game and wrassling around so when Felix gets home he falls asleep sitting up.

Blizzards are good for a few things. Building fires in the living room. Hot chocolate. Skiing in the streets. Baking. Making snow tunnels. Reminding us that we're not in charge. Of much of anything.  Getting to births back there is a challenge. I once went to a birth and afterwards the snow was up to my car windows. I skied home. I once did a birth in Seattle and it snowed during the delivery. The parents nick-named their baby girl 'Snowy'. She had a proper Vietnamese name too. They also told me the midwife was responsible for the baby's personality. Dang, I sure hope that's not true.

Taking Felix to the dog park where he can swim. Ad add another layer of grime to himself.

As for me, I got a haircut and I currently look like Penelope Cruz. With glasses.

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Ms. Moon said...

I believe we would like a picture, Penelope.