Monday, February 25, 2013

It's time for me to spruce up and head for clinic. Tomorrow is my birthday and I think I'll garden, take out the dead flowers and maybe plant a few new ones.

I'd like for a limo to come in the morning, drive me to a spa where I am scrubbed and moisturized and propped up on pillows, after which a few lovely mostly naked persons would bring me a bejeweled luncheon. I then would read all afternoon snacking on chocolate covered cranberries and sipping champagne.

The Oscars-piffle. Beasts of the Southern Wild was mentioned but not a prize? Amour was too foreign? Too much trouble to read subtitles?

I watched anyway. Charlize Theron and Halle Berry were effing gorgeous. I bet someone drives them to spas and cooks luncheons and doesn't allow them to eat chocolate covered cranberries. And they don't go to real work like most of us.  


Sabine said...

Have a fab fab fab day. And lots of good wishes. For health and happiness and whatever.

I know, early but we are not superstitious, no.
Spas are way overrated...

Ms. Moon said...

Could you at least go get a pedicure and munch on chocolate-covered cranberries? Please? For me?
Happy birthday to my favorite midwife. I adore you. I wish all good things for you. Always.

janzi said...

Happy Happy Birthday dear Blog friend, I hope you really enjoy your special day.. we will all be thinnking of you... hugs from across the pond,.janzi

Mel said...

hope your birthday was full of surprises and smiles.