Saturday, July 21, 2012

We saw the Batman movie because Milo is here and he's almost 10. It was very loud and there were lots of flying machines and bad guys and killing but no gory killing like in Game of Thrones, which I can't recommend, frankly. Too much intestines and beheading for me.

We're back from our adventures and the house, katz and chickens are all here and in one piece. We've been waiting in vain for Lucy to lay an egg but we've decided she is laying but not white eggs. She's laying brown ones. And they sit on each other while in the nest box. Why is that? I can't begin to understand the behavior of chickens.

I baked chocolate chip cookies for Milo to take with him when they leave tomorrow. He's become such a nice boy. Maybe next year his folks will leave him here for a while and we can go backpacking. I'd love to go camping with him. And Felix, of course.

I had my mammogram and ultrasound today. Dr O (really) came in and said, 'It's nothing.' Maya was with me and we laughed and cried and made jokes. I was in a daze for several hours after. I'd already planned my funeral, for crissakes.

I guess I get a few more years.


Ms. Moon said...

Why don't they start with the ultrasound? I don't understand this. The mammogram can't be good for us and it only causes fear when it finds something and THEN they do the ultrasound.
I am so glad for you. SO glad. I know that relief. It is heavenly.

Sabine said...

Such good news, glad to read that.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Beth, So very glad for your news and for having that fear put to rest. Ahhh. xo

beth coyote said...

Dear ms Moon-I going dancing tomorrow, my church of the bat-shit crazy, like you say. With gratitude.

Sabine-thank you. I know you know.

Marylinn-yes, ahhhhhhh.

Radish King said...

thank god. the world needs you.