Saturday, July 07, 2012

It is beautiful Saturday. I slept in, just an amazing experience with a small farm. Deb is out somewhere with Felix, the katz are lounging in the sun on the deck and the chickens are giving themselves dirt baths. Bright blue sky, grapes growing alarmingly and minimal weeds. A quiet house.

Last night, our student who is leaving us (sob!), took us all to dinner at Poppy, where they cook with herbs they grew out back. They bring us wee revolving plates set with bites of perfection; minted snow peas, gingered carrots, garlic peppered brocoli, curried golden beets. O heaven. We spent four hours eating and laughing and reminiscing. Leah, the student, came to us very green and leaves us with some chops. On to her next site where they will polish her up and launch her into midwife land.

We get attached, we do. Birthin' is so intense and sometimes things are hairy and our students observe and participate in big life dramas. Not to mention clinic visits where we hear all kinds of secrets (and hold them close to our hearts). So we wished our dear Leah fair well and we'll visit her in New Zealand, if that's where she will end up with her gorgeous husband, Ricardo.

I don't have to get dressed today. I could read until it gets dark. And sip a London Fog, which is an Earl Gray tea latte with a touch of vanilla. I may have the best London Fog ever if I go to Vashon Island to visit a new baby. Vashon Island is a sweet island about 20 minutes by ferry from Seattle. Their only bookstore makes a LF from heaven. I have been know to go there simply for a cup of tea.  Today, tomorrow. La la.


Ms. Moon said...

Your sweetie IS psychic!
You know, I've worked with some midwives who were just, well, maybe it was me.
I got accused of trying to "steer the energy" by one midwife who finally got fired for lying about delivering a breech birth. I mean, she changed the damn birth certificate! Someone needed to steer her energy a little bit.
I would work with Lily's midwife any day. She's a hoot and a doll and I respect her.
I have a feeling I'd feel the same way about you.

beth coyote said...

O honey-there are midwives and there are midwives. I got my sister mw's who are conservative and responsible and heal the earth and sky. And then there are the cowboys (I call 'em), the ones who take chances
and endanger moms and babies.

I sit on the State midwifery advisory committee here in Washington and boy howdy, I hear about the disasters.

Anyway, I'm getting all het up and today, I'm keeping my blood pressure down. With tea and a dog on my feet.

XX Beth

Ms. Moon said...

It's true. Now be peaceful.

Radish King said...

I love this and it made me hungry. I thought a London Fog was a trench coat hahaa but I did I read this sentence fragment as a poem:

Leah, the student, came to us very green

You were so beautiful and true at the reading. I was impressed at how far you've come.


beth coyote said...

Dear R-thank you thank you thank you.