Sunday, July 08, 2012

And another thing. The chickens set up an almighty racket so I went to check and they were all in the yard, snacking on greens and plants and shrubs. Arggggaaa! So I got Heidi again and we herded them all back into the coop. And Fiona laid another egg, this one misshapen and cracked. So for ALL THE TROUBLE today, all I get is a wasp sting on my ankle that still hurts and a weird egg.

Then my hero Deb came home from work and clipped their wings. She wanted me to help but I told her the chickens and I aren't speaking right now.

And she brought me a half a watermelon and I ate the whole thing. I <3 her.

Tomorrow I have big plans that don't involve chasing chickens around and around. I will not be thwarted, I will not.

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Ms. Moon said...

Oh no. I guess my chickens are easier because they don't have to stay in. The vegetable garden is enclosed and they can't get in it and I let them have whatever they want of the rest of the yard but it's not a very fancy yard. They've eaten all of my oregano in the side bed beside the kitchen but I don't mind because it was taking over everything there and they've done a dandy job of keeping that bed weeded.