Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beautiful morning. I did yoga last night and now I can hardly move, wry neck and back. Who says yoga is good for you?

I have two wee lumps in my breast, probably cystic. My mother had breast cancer so I have annual mammograms, going for my next one after my vacation. I try not to be worried. I've had lumps before, aspirated, removed, etc and they were all benign. But in my active imagination, well there I go. With my recent shoulder pain, I was having a heart attack but what I needed was a massage. Sheesh.

The chickens are making their usual noises. We are now getting an egg every other day. Small brown ones. Lucy, our big white hen, sits on the nest and pretends but she has yet to produce. Our smallest hen, Ethel, is the egg layer.

And no one has escaped since the wing clip. I'm not in the mood to go chasing chickens around the yard. In fact, I don't want to do a thing today but the family is descending soon so I better be ready to head for Eastern WA with food and camping gear. I might just melt over there, it's so hot.


Radish King said...

Eastern Wa is kind of scary and hot. Bathe in sunscreen frequently. No boob worry. Hide as much as you can. And think of a massage when you get back.

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. TRY not to worry about the boob. I do the same thing-every suspicious anything is immediately cancer.
So far, none of them have been.
It's like 90 here today and we're reveling in the coolness.

beth coyote said...

thanks, guys. Appointment tomorrow for boob check. Then the melting begins in Lake Chelan. I think I'll just stay in water up to my neck while I'm there.


Sabine said...

I was about to write, bless your nerves for waiting until after the holidays, (I know, I could and would not) so glad to read that you'll have someone check it out before. MUCH better plan.
All the best, take care.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Any body twinge or anomaly has my mind in hyper-drive...what a cloud of dust I raise. You are the soul of calm by comparison. Ah, to be in the water, our natural home. xo