Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why, when you have two scratching posts in the living room, do the katz insist on sharpening their claws on the rug (or the furniture). Why? I threw a pen at Hugo this morning. He looked at me like I was insane.

They were set here on this earth to DRIVE US CRAZY. It's working.

A tiny rant. I only subscribe to one magazine, The Sun. It's gloomy, the writing is often brilliant, there aren't any ads and the editor also publishes black and white photos. I've submitted poetry and a short story three times, to no avail.


This am while lounging in bed, I read Sy's notebook (the ed.) and he mentioned that he uses viagra, or the generic brand. Eesh. I don't care about this. Save it for some other publication, mister. I know he can write (and publish) whatever the hell he wants but jeez. he often talks about making love to his wife. That part is ok. It's the mention of drugs to 'enhance' that bothers me to beat the band (as my mother would say). Perhaps I'm channeling my mother this morning. In her world, such things were impolite. In poor taste.

Gawd. Maybe I'm turning into my mother.

The sun is out again so I'm going for a walk in the cold. We have sun this winter, very odd. Tomorrow, Holly and I will once again go hiking on Tiger Mountain. We found a trail called the Meandering Trail. We're gonna find out if it goes to the top. Or not. we're not goal oriented. We talk along the way about Buddhism and her ex girlfriend. At some point we decide to turn around. And hikers are usually a democratic bunch. No pushing and shoving. Unlike swimmers. Male swimmers. They have something to prove. They splash and knock you on the head as they pass. Because. They have to get to---the other side of the pool?? Whoa, as Keanu Reeves has so famously said in The Matrix.



Wendy Birdseye Pavlus said...

As a cat "lover" as well...have you seen this Beth??

Rubye Jack said...

These things are still in bad taste. Why is it men seem to be proud that they take Viagra? You would think they wouldn't be proud of being deficient. I remember the first time that weird guy, some presidential candidate back in the Bush days, came on national TV and talked about taking Viagra. Talk about no class.
Sorry, one of my more serious pet peeves.

Ms. Moon said...

Do not even get me started on Viagra. Okay. I accept the reality that is now a part of the pharmaceutical war chest but to discuss it?
I don't like The Sun. It is so SERIOUS. Jesus. Now that I hear they've never published you, I do not like them even more.

Radish King said...

I don't read The Sun nor do I take Viagra. Okay that's a lie. I do take Viagra only I crush it beneath a spoon and snort it with a straw. And that's a lie too! I love the cow playing the violin in your header. Cats are insane that's why they're saints. I love you.

beth coyote said...


Rubye J-who was that, O gawd?

Ms. Moon-thanks for your support. Perhaps you could write to my buddy Sy and order him to publish me.

Dear R-I laughed out loud and Lola leapt into the air and ran into the kitchen, crashing into the stove. I love you too.

beth coyote said...
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Young at Heart said...

you'd have thought they'd want to keep it quiet!! And thanks for that little fix of Keith Richards....happy christmas!!

beth coyote said...

YaH-thanks for checking in here. C'mon back sometime.

Jaye Ramsey Sutter said...

MSNBC is ads about some penis problem and pills. Tired of it.