Monday, December 05, 2011

A fat girl born this morning. Surrounded by both grandmas, friends and the poppa. Mom was kneeling on her bedroom floor and I gotta tell you. My knees aren't what they used to be. I think someone should make me a leetle stool I can sit on in front of/behind the momma so I'm not squishing my knees and hobbling around after.

Abby was still practicing at 68. I wonder if she sat on a stool or wore knee pads like carpet installers. Of maybe she made women get on the bed so she wasn't crouched down on the floor somewhere. This is why we have body workers and hot tubs. And ibuprofen. And young students.

I had my young student do a bit of exam this morning. So she could feel the baby coming down with pushing. She was excited to feel this. I love this part of teaching; watching students do something thrilling for the first time.

The baby came out with her hand by her head, like she was waving at us. Beside her fat cheeks. Beautiful and pink. Women are stronger than they know.


Sabine said...

My midwife was 69 years old, a lovely granny who brought me Jersey milk to drink when I started breatsfeeding and while my baby was in the incubator she introduced me to tall rugby players who were premies once - but when she first came to check out our room she told me I had to kneel/squat (whatever) on the bed or forget about her. We put a large tough futon on the bed frame and it worked out ok.

Ms. Moon said...

A towel folded up? Honey, I know what you mean about knees.
My Lily, who weighed over ten pounds also had a nuchal hand. Shoulder dystocia? Sure. Hands and knees got her out.
Bless you. I swear- midwives are my goddesses.
You too.