Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sometimes there's nothing for it but to walk to the lake and ponder the vagaries of life. The geese are grown now and they got their lake back after the hydroplane madness.

All the babies are fat and happy, spitting up and burbling in their leetle shorts.

Another day in midwife land...there's a massive pileup of babies itchin' to come on out. I'm gonna go gird my loins ( I first typed girl my loins, maybe that's the right expression) with a walk and a shower and a wait by the phone.

The katz are rolling and play-fighting in the garden. Then they come in and get twigs and dirt all over the comforter, which is white. Never have white stuff in a cat house. It's a dumb idea.


Ms. Moon said...

I have been thinking of you SO much the last few days with our first meeting of Diana, Lily's midwife. Bless you all.

beth coyote said...

We are a hard working and crazy bunch, I can tell you. We have irregular metabolisms or some such. Functioning after all-nighters and not cracking up on the highway behind the wheel.


Radish King said...

Girl my loins! Heeheheheheee. It's baby time. All that sex-because-it's-raining in November produces a lot of August babies. Carry forward Brave One.

beth coyote said...

xoxoxoxox to both of you..

Valerie Loveland said...

I want to change my "cats" spelling to "katz," too!