Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I just had dinner with my gay husband, James. It's his birthday and I fed him minestrone and beet salad and molasses cookies. We talked about high-falutin' stuff like Buddhism and meditation and visions and dreams and we only dished dirt a little because, well, because that's what we DO.

Then he got in his leetle blue car and went home. He is dear and beautiful and I only wished I'd met him about 30 years ago.

The sky is gray and pink and closing in. The clothes on the line will just have to dry tomorrow.

I just read the first Dexter book. Definitely not Buddhist. I basically couldn't put it down. I read so fast my eyes swam over the words, like Nancy Drew books when I was a kid. The equivalent of hopping from one foot to the other, real fast.

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