Saturday, August 06, 2011

Dear all.

I've returned from the wilds of Vader, Washington along the Cowlitz River and the train tracks and the deer and raccoon and the dharma hall and my musty little cell and terrible food (gruel) and a nameless pond where I saw g-d. Well, I saw teeny fish and salamanders and two kinds of water striders and dragon flies and koi and polliwogs and and a blooming waterlily. I lay on my back and watched how the undersides of the leaves rippled when the reflected sunlight hit them while the bugs made overlapping circles on the surface of the water. Raccoons visited at the water's edge. A kingfisher came to fish. A hawk sat in a snag at the other end of the water. I became four years old, completely absorbed.

Then I came home and hugged my sweetie for about a whole day.


Marylinn Kelly said...

My son is reading a book on superheroes as archetypes. Your post tells me that we are able to find our own and necessary Fortress of Solitude without the powers of Krypton.

Ms. Moon said...

My Lord! You are truly a poet with her own voice! Thanks for the links. I am glad to hear your words read outloud.

Valerie Loveland said...

LOVE the poems!

beth coyote said...

Marylinn- There are all types of superheros...even in a little pond.

Ms. Moon- thank you, thank you.