Monday, May 09, 2011

I was in Canada. O Canada. Peace Arch. Huge ferries with the continuation of bad food, but a veggie burger with glop so it tastes like **meat**.

I did see Canada geese. And eagles. And one frog.

Soon, Sean will come over and tear off the deck because it is rotting. MY BIG FEAR: I will forget there is no deck and I'll run out in the middle of the night with my birth gear and step into------nothing. Then my chin will hit the support beam and I'll break my neck. After that, I'll be in a wheelchair I operate by blowing through a straw.

How can I write poetry then? By blinking my eyes? And the cats will sit on me for warmth and I won't be able to wipe their (drool, fur, hair balls) off me.

Nightly-Hugo and Lola engage in a tussle involving laid back ears and yeowling. Fur floats through the air. Then Hugo makes a wad of the rug by the stairs. Every night. This is why they will never go to college and make me proud. They're in a rut. Because of the size of their brains and their, um, proclivities. And when they sleep on the bed, they pin me down with their weight so I think I've had a stroke in the night and can't move my legs. This is their job. Their only job.

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