Monday, May 30, 2011

Hush, be still

button, turnip
turned inside me so fast
wound up tangling
it doesn't matter
you were born
unborn, backwards
white, still as a stoppered heart
drifted snow on a draped railing
blankets carefully folded
put away
you slowly vanished, disappeared
flowers rotted in vases
we did not notice
we told ourselves
nothing, it was nothing
you were nothing to us
an old mirror of wavy glass
little raisin, little mouse
don't haunt our house


Ms. Moon said...

Oh Beth. I had several miscarriages, but never lost a baby which would have been viable. My mother did and I remember grieving that so much and it was so hard because no one spoke of it after, hardly at all, and I had so many feelings and no where to put them and I was only a sister.

beth coyote said...

As a midwife, I get to 'be' with incredible own and others.

On this memorial day, I remember what we've all lost.

X Beth

Radish King said...

Oh it is good to see this again. Thank you dear Poet.

beth coyote said...

Thank you dearest R.

X Beth