Saturday, March 12, 2011

My hunny and I went to the Gem and Jewelry show at the Seattle Center today. I got a piece of amber, still in my pocket. Amber is magic. Lots of 'jewels' are fake, apparently. I saw a lot of rocks which should have been left alone where they were, like geodes that people saw in half. Most of the people selling were Chinese or Korean. Most of the people buying were East Indian. I don't understand this. There were two men sitting by a polisher machine that whirred around and around. This is how you make facets. I asked how long it would take for a rock to be polished and the one with the glasses said, "about 800 years". I believed him.

My neighbor downstairs is having sex VERY LOUDLY. It might be time for me to go upstairs to bed. Oh, now it's quiet. Sometimes, I wonder if I am really a human being. Like other human beings.

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