Monday, March 28, 2011

I have to talk about a sensitive topic here. The dentist. I had a dentist who is my friend. She began all young and perky. We gossiped about people we knew and we even went to a wedding together where we were horrified and delighted. Inappropriate comments, horrible bride's maids dresses, the works. Then she decided she would move to an island and raise sheep dogs. So she got some sheep and some dogs and did just that. She still commuted to Seattle to be a dentist. Then one day, without any notice, she sold her practice to a guy, a Christian guy who played (blech) Christian soft rock in his office. From NPR to that. It was terrible. So I took my dental needs to a local guy walking distance from my house.


It wasn't the same. No one gossiped with me. The dentist cleaned my teeth with a vicious vibrating metal torture device and gave me a rinse to use that would "only stain my teeth a little". Argh. And now I need another cleaning and nowhere to go. I am bereft.

Plus my doctor just retired. That shouldn't be allowed. I'm reduced to seeing 12 year olds who say they are doctors but I'm not so sure. I think they're on their lunch break from junior high.


Valerie Loveland said...

The (eye) doctor I work for doesn't like it when I try to play NPR at work because "it makes the office seem like a dentist's office."

I guess it is true!

beth coyote said...

And NPR can be kinda the dentist, if we are honest.