Thursday, March 24, 2011

After I get a cold, I cough for, o, weeks. Last night, in the midst of a coughing fit in bed, I staggered to the medicine cabinet and downed {{{codeine}}} cough syrup which works because it makes you unconscious dead never moving until morning so you don't have the strength to cough. But all the gunk in your lungs is still there, waiting to start bubbling and wheezing in the morning AND you have a wicked headache and you feel...drugged. I sound like Linda Blair. I need an exorcism. Be gone, evil lung gunk!!!

My midwife partner thinks my sicknesses are from my vegan diet. I wonder if she's right. Although I can't see eating a few hamburgers as a cure. Besides, yuck.

I purged my closet. The rule is, if you haven't worn it in 1 year (Ok, maybe 2 years), out it goes. I have this little black dress, cut on the bias that I looked HOT in about, um, a lotta years ago. I would look ridiculous in it now. So I've been hanging on to it for the sake of memory. And my former hot self. With high heels and stockings with seams. Oh yeah. Farewell, former hot self. I'm sure I have a current hot self. She hasn't arrived as yet. Deb thinks I'm hot in my green ratty bathrobe. She is obviously blinded by love.

I forgot to put out the garbage and the outfit I wore in haste ahead of the garbage truck was stunning. Pajama top, dirty pants that were on the floor and aqua gardening shoes. Yum. I bet the garbage people have seen everything. And Deb still thinks I'm cute. I'm so glad she's delusional.


Sabine said...

No, don't agree with your midwife friend. There would be a nasty study performed in a hurry by some meat loving medical 'expert'. It helps to remember that your lungs and bronchia are a like lots of lost of branches of a tree and that it takes a while to cough away all that irritating scab from the healing/healed surface areas. Drinking lots of water usually helps it along. And patience. My lovely family doctor always says that coughing and vomiting and sweating are excellent examples of our body's tools in getting rid of what is in the way. Hope you are better soon.

beth coyote said...

Dear Sabine-

thank you! I did not take her advice. And I'm still coughing throughout the day, in bursts. It's only disconcerting when I'm trying to conduct a clinic visit and I have to step out and hack away.

Like tomorrow when I go back to work. ((sigh))

I am a little better every day...