Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I have two imaginary poodles. Standard poodles. Their names are Gina and Jean Paul. Gina is a silvery gray and JP is chocolate brown. They are past the puppy stage and midway through obedience school. They are extremely smart and intuitive. And they don't shed. The cats tolerate them, as they do one another. When we go for walks, they hardly need leashes because they are so well behaved. They have puppy haircuts, not those stupid pompom cuts you see at dog shows. They are handsome and dignified and they sleep at the foot of my bed. They understand three languages; English, Portugese and, of course, French.

They are the best dogs ever.


Radish King said...


ps. I had those same exact dogs when I was a very small girl except they were all collies.

beth coyote said...

Oh god, yeah. Like Lassie, who always knew Timmy was in trouble. And man,Timmy was ALWAYS in trouble.