Sunday, January 02, 2011

I went skiing today in the beautiful sunny blue and diamond-y snow and many children sledding and the enormously fit stake skiing individuals. Holly decided to let me make decisions, o lord, and we skied about 94 miles. going in one direction was fine, cold and bright. Then there was the issue of coming back. We, rather I, miscalculated a bit about the distance. Coming back was fine until it wasn't. Then we were trudging, then creeping, then crawling with much silent screaming of various muscles, some of which I didn't know I had. For instance, there are muscles in the back of your neck that somehow have something to do with skiing, poling, I don't know what. Also there are these little muscles in the inner thigh which begin to twitch and slither amid howling and weeping.

When we returned to the car, I could barely walk. I made hopping steps to the bathroom after leaving my car keys on the roof of the car. Of course, we looked for the keys for twenty minutes in the cold and so forth. Then I gracefully concussed myself on the hatchback lid that was still up.

Somehow we made it back to the city. A large amount of ibuprofen and a bath have helped some. Actually, I passed out in the tub. I fear I will be crippled tomorrow. I can hardly wait.

This is the consequence of exercise.


call me any name said...

Oh dear. Polar explorers must have felt a bit like that. Only they never had a bath afterwards. Take it easy.

Weave Dreamer said...

Rest well.