Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm gonna go biking in the freezing weather. It might be good for me. I'm not sure. I do know that I went dancing last night and it was wonderful. I was dripping with sweat, I'm sure I've shortened my life as a hearing person and I drank one alcoholic beverage. One. Honest. Well, I had some sips from a friend's drink. Over three hours.

But. I jumped around like I was a young person and waved my arms in the air and the girl on the platform wiggling and wearing VERY FEW CLOTHES came and danced with me a bit. And there were people grabbing each other and smooching in corners ((((sigh))) and it reminded me of the good old days when we went out every weekend and had (well drugs and alcohol may have been involved) a party. I behaved in an unseemly fashion. Then. Now I'm pretty tame. Dancing to loud music is fantastic and I'm gonna go again.

As long as my knees hold out. Oh, and my low back. And I promise I won't go home on the back of someone's motorcycle, no matter how much I want to. Unless it belongs to my sweetie. (And I will never do drugs in the bathroom again) So not Buddhist. Besides, you feel like doo-doo the next day. Horrid doo-doo.


Deb said...

~~jumping up and down in a butch happy dance~~ MOTORCYCLES!!!

Radish King said...

ahh ecstatic dance!

beth coyote said...

Twirling and whirling until we disappear.