Thursday, April 16, 2009



You are the one. Solid the spaces lean on, envious.

You are the baby in the barn                                                             

                                                                     -Sylvia Plath



wring wires to the metal pole   slub your thrust forward     sting elegies     wash your body in lavender    you lost Nepali amber   it burned against your throat     haze country    choice      you can always see the slide cracking fat     when skin ignites       look straight into your margins    study fish migrations   their bloody gilt     pile snow deep    swim out into the frozen gully     absent cardinal movements   dispose of letters home   balance your checkbook    fold laundry dark/light    therethere Nicholas   the tender knot    


Marta Sanchez said...

Wow. I love the images and the sounds. (Oh and the photo is stunning)

Radish King said...

Oh, it flows perfectly with Nicholas in there. Glad to see it, Beth.

Radish King said...

I love that painting. It brought to mind the beginning line (lines) from Wallace Steven’s The Comedian as the Letter C.

Nota: man is the intelligence of his soil,
The sovereign ghost. As such, the Socrates
Of snails, musician of pears, principium
And lex.

beth coyote said...

Thank you, Marta

R-forever grateful.