Sunday, April 26, 2009

I stayed up way too late watching movies, a Sandra Bullock thing with messed up adolescent boys and Rachel Getting Married (subtitle: Dancing with Shiva) with Anne Hathaway. The subtitle gets it right. Shiva-creator/destroyer goddess. Well, Ms Hathaway is a very unhappy person for good reasons and just out of rehab. At her sister's wedding. I think they should have put her in 4 point restraints for the occasion but no, they let her wander around saying terrible things and even socking her mother. Wow, right on the kisser. The blurb said it had moments of humor, uh, dunno where those were. Very disturbing. 

Yesterday I went to the local cheap-o women's spa and sat in the hot tub and steam. Today, as usual, I allow myself to stay in bed as long as I want with the Sunday NYT. I'm looking at an ad for a purse that costs $2005. I thought for a moment it was the date. These ads are always in the section with international news and something called New York's Most Needy about a family living in a box with a crippled kid. 

I'm gonna go hang out with some poets. They don't usually have Cartier watches and 2 thousand dollar handbags.


Apple said...

Rachel Getting Scary.

beth coyote said...

Rachel running into trees with the Mercedes.